13.5.2009 – Charlie Brooker über Gordon Brown

Charlie Brooker über Gordon Brown’s image in Großbritannien:

„It’s like someone’s dropped an indignity bomb directly on his head, and we’re all caught up in the blast.

Normally, to experience this sort of shared mutual shame, you would have to stumble unannounced into a room and unexpectedly catch someone doing something acutely embarrassing, such as masturbating or miming to Kaiser Chiefs in front of a mirror. Following 10 crushed eons of infinite silence, both parties would stare at the ground for a few moments, you’d mutter a dented apology about knocking first next time, inch your way backwards through the door as though quietly observing a religious ceremony, and spend the next half hour standing in the corridor cringing your skin inside out. From then on you’d share your painful-yet-private little circle of grief in silence, the pair of you implicitly understanding that The Incident Must Never Be Referred To Again.“

Den gesamten (fantastischen) Text gibt es auf der Guardian Seite.


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