11.4.2009 – Ich sollte nicht lachen, ich tu’s aber

„In life, certain things are designated ‚funny‘ and others are designated ’not funny‘. You’re supposed to laugh at the former and nod sagely at the. latter. And while what officially constitutes as ‚funny‘ has altered throughout the years – at one point it was custard pies and fart noises; now it’s awkward pauses and catchphrases so simple a dog could recite them – the contents of the box marked ’not funny‘ have remained largely unchanged throughout history. War crimes, terminal disease, children’s funerals…they’re the polar opposite of a laugh riot, and to react with anything other than pained reverence would be inhuman.

Unless you can’t help it. Even funerals can be funny in the right circumstances. Say one of the pallbearers blows off, and they drop the coffin, and a dead kiddy spills out and everyone flails about trying to pop it back in his box, but they keep trapping it’s head in the lid, and its arms are all poking out, and it’s all so inappropriate that before long you’re doubled over, slapping your thighs and hooting your lungs dry in front of his horrified parents. Any reasonable person would forgive you for that.“

(Charlie Brooker (2007) Dawn of the DumbDispatches from the Idiotic Frontline; Faber and Faber Limited:London)


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